Why Smokin Software?

We have over 30 years of software design and development experience building code used by millions that made millions, so we know a thing or two about how the right systems, appropriately integrated, can drive improved efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately profitability in your business.

When To Get In Touch

Existing processes taking too long, costing too much or not scaling?

Existing systems and off the shelf products not giving the results you need?

Had a brilliant idea for an App?

What Do I Do Now?

Contact Smokin Donut on 01844 212577 or info@smokin-donut.com if you're shy (or a spammer).

Explain your dilemma/pain/brainwave.

Pop in to the office and draw stuff on our whiteboard.

Pay money or preferably, work with us to create a licensable product.

Stuff We've Done Recently


Multi-menu food ordering apps for a delivery company now saving 15% on commissions


Online/Mobile game for ATG to promote Christmas Panto


Sedimentary rock data gathering and analysis. Mobile and web applications for a geological consultancy. Now available in the App Store.


Automated booking and management systems for a startup cattery. Zero to fully booked in 3 months.


Bewitching site for an accountant who wanted to not look like an accountant. Reckon we met the brief.

From #mobile #apps that build customer loyalty to comprehensive job management systems that underpin operational effectiveness, our approach provides real ways to measure your business – which, of course, is an essential first step to improving it.

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