Web Management

It may feel like the end when your new web design goes live, but the story is just beginning. You need to update pages and add new ones when change happens. Monitor and analyse performance, generate insight, build hypotheses, conduct experiments and learn. Get to know your customers - where they come from, where they go and what they like - then respond...

Looking at a page of Google Analytics data doesn't generate insights and soon becomes a meaningless ritual. We end the tedium and confusion, and use the data to generate the insights that get you being the very best you can be, every day.

Web Analysis and Insight Web Analysis and Improvement in Oxford

Hosting and Monitoring

Nowadays, hosting's a commodity differentiated by service - and our service is second to none:

  • 24 x 7 website uptime monitoring
  • Enterprise class email
  • Database and Cloud Services
  • Document Management

We'll keep everything up and running, manage crises efficiently and effectively and keep you informed at all times.

Web Continuous Improvement

Analysis and Insight

Your website is there to make you money and that means it has to be performing the best it can, every day:

  • Bringing in Prospects
  • Entertaining, Educating and Informing Them
  • Turning Them into Customers

We make that process work for you through constant learning based on insights derived from deep analysis of the data.

Web hosting and monitoring
Web Analysis and Improvement for Oxford

Continuous Improvement

We take the learning we gain from our analysis and continually experiment and try new stuff with two very simple aims:

  • To attract more visitors.
  • To turn more of them into customers.

That needs insight, accurate measurement, data manipulation, extrapolation, interpretation, inspiration, continuous change, guesswork and a little luck - but the harder we try, the luckier we seem to get.

Web Management Pricing and Packages