Social Media Strategy Design - Overview

Our Social Media Strategy Design product will create you a winning capability on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or anywhere else your customers hang out. Like everything that we offer, it’s designed around three basic ideas:

  • Using standardised processes in a structured manner ensures we think critically, employ best practice and miss nothing.
  • Working with clients in an open atmosphere of honesty and fun generates the creativity that builds competitive edge.
  • Building a long term partnership based upon well founded strategy is the key to successful digital marketing.

So, whether you need comprehensive Google+ and LinkedIn presences to boost your thought leadership credentials or an engaging Facebook profile as part of your relationship marketing strategy, we'll work it all out for you.

You Need To Be Social…

Marketing has changed. You can’t just shout messages into your communications megaphone to get people to call you up or visit a store any longer - it’s more sophisticated than that.

Your potential customers know all about you - your products and services, your attitudes and values and your strengths and weaknesses. They use social tactics to discover more about you and your competitors than your best sales guys will ever know and make buying decisions before you even find out they exist.

If your organization isn’t social, then you aren’t in the conversation – and if you ignore customers, you can hardly moan when they ignore you…

But Start By Working Out Why

We have a word for an activity that doesn’t have a goal – we call it a hobby. Social Media shouldn’t be a hobby in 2014 so we start by helping you define social goals that line up with your organizational ones. Here’s a selection that should inspire you:

  • Enhance brand and manage reputations.
  • Improve Google search performance for key phrases.
  • Tap into customer driven innovation.
  • Attract talented new employees.
  • Generate valuable new leads.
  • Improve customer engagement.

Then Identify Your Target

If you come to us and say ‘I need Twitter’ then we will laugh at you and mercilessly poke you in the tummy like you are the Pillsbury Doughboy. You need to be social, but we’ll get you focused on your goals and the people you need to engage with before we even mention LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

And What Pumps Their Nads

People don’t really want to be told stuff – not on social media at least. They want to have fun, they want to talk, they want to play and they want to learn stuff that will make them seem more sexy, witty and entertaining at parties. We’ll help you work out how to create regular content that your customers will love.

And Where They Hang Out

If you’re saying something in the wrong place, then you might as well not be saying it at all and what’s the point of creating loads of content if it doesn’t work in the places you’re in? We’ll work out where the people that matter hang out and help you hang out there too - plus look really cool while you’re doing it.

Then Listen

If all you do is talk then you’re a pretty poor conversationalist and we've all met guys like you at parties. What people are saying about the things that matter to you is a huge part of the social media value chain. So, we’ll help you work out where to listen and what to listen out for.

And Measure

If you don’t measure your social media activities and report on how they’re impacting your organizational goals then you’re right back in hobby territory again. If half of the things you’re doing are working and half are not, shouldn’t you know and shouldn’t you change some stuff around?

And Get Everyone Involved

Social media is not just another communications channel and it’s not just for marketers. It’s a real incarnation of your culture and your brand plus a learning opportunity for your whole organization and it works best if everyone gets involved - so we’ll help you structure and report accordingly.

Including Smokin Donut

The Social Media Strategy Design product provides you all you’ll need to start making effective progress with social media. We’ll work through our frameworks with you, provide plenty of creative input along the way, establish the strategy, create the platform accounts, profiles and graphics you’ll need so that all you have to do is add content…

But… understanding platforms, participating in conversations and generating content all take time, effort and skill and oftentimes, you don’t have all those to spare within your organization. That’s where our Social Media Daily Management product comes in.

Outsourcing your social media can make you sound inauthentic but our customer intimacy that kicks off with the Marketing Strategy Audit gives us the necessary level of understanding to manage social for you – and if we need to run something by you, we will – we have your phone number…