Social Media Management

Getting a benefit from social media? Got a social media strategy? Using Twitter in hope? Updating Facebook but don't know why? Built a LinkedIn profile and letting it rot? Not seeing a point to Google+?

You can do better. Craft a social media strategy. Find and connect with new people that matter. Build relationships. Earn links. Influence thought leaders. Become one. Be better through social media.

Locate, listen, learn, entertain and educate. Outwit competitors. Rescue their customers. Support your own. Showcase and attract talent. Value relationships. Earn inbound links. Improve Google search performance. Do better. Call Smokin Donut.

Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy is critical to success:

  • We'll work with you and our proven tools to craft a comprehensive strategy that links right back to your business goals.
  • We'll identify your targets, where they hang out, what they like to do and how to engage them.
  • Then we'll build your platform presences and even train your people.
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Social Media Management

Once you've built a social media strategy, you have a choice - use your own people to implement or us.

  • We'll create content, listen and learn
  • Provide regular reporting plus incident management
  • Integrate with traditional campaigns and enact social ones

We're the perfect solution for when your people are busy doing what you pay them for.

Social Media Training

Who better than you to get social with the people that matter?

  • If your brand is built around you, then whose voice will sound authentic?
  • You'll need to understand the mechanics, the platforms and the etiquette.
  • You'll need to be interesting, funny, knowledgeable and responsive.
  • Call us about a Smokin Donut social media training package.

Social Media Targeting

You need connections to the right people at the right time to help you grow.

  • But you don't need agencies and press releases and journos and launch parties.
  • And TV coverage and national press aren't the way to awareness any more.
  • Smokin Donut use social media to target and engage with the people that matter - the stealthy, more modern way.
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