Search Engine Marketing Products

Everybody wants to SEO top of Google for the keywords that matter, but for any phrase, there's only one top result so getting to number one might just be the most competitive activity you ever embarked on.

Google is a machine that for a given word or phrase, wants to find the most relevant, highest quality, most authoritative content on the Internet. That's a tough job and they need your help. First, you need great content. Second you need to make it easy for Google to find and understand. Third, you need independent and respected people to say they love it. We can help with all of that so give us a call - and if you need a quick fix in exchange for hard cash, there's always pay per click...

Organic Search

We expect you to start by being realistic - and in return, we start by being ruthless with your keywords. What's in the mind of people that want to connect with you - who are they, what do they type and and what do they want to see on the results page?

When we've worked that out, we structure content around those keywords and make sure Google likes your site and understands what it finds there.

Then we go find places and people that love your content and get them talking about it - This is easier if your content is useful, entertaining or educational and for some customers, that means not talking about their products...

Google Pay Per Click

A word of warning - Google Adwords can be expensive...

But...We know how to minimise the cost and maximize click through rates so if you need to get up top to defend your brand name or hold your place for a new product while you build your SEO then give us a call.

PPC is also a neat way to experiment - study keywords and landing experiences under controlled conditions then SEO what works.

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