Email Marketing

Email isn't dying. Email Marketing works. Some people think an email from a non-blood relation is spam. Most people don't.

It's like any tool - If you do stupid things with it then bad stuff happens. If you do good things with it - like entertaining, informing and supporting your customers and offering them great value or educating and nurturing your leads then good stuff happens. Don't think about what you want to tell everybody. Think about what they want to hear. Smokin Donut only does good stuff with email. Give us a call.

Email Marketing Services in Thame near Oxford
Email Marketing Services in Oxford

Regular Email Newsletters

It's so much easier to sell to an existing customer than find a new one and regular email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch.

  • But don't just bore people with endless stuff about you.
  • Have fun and be interesting so people welcome the regular contact.
  • Measure everything or you might as well be writing to Santa.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is great at supporting campaigns or as an ad hoc activity. But life is hard for emails.

Even if you know how to evade spam traps, you'll need:

  • Subjects that promote open not delete.
  • Content that generates action not unsubscribes
  • Calls to Action that drive outcomes not indifference
Email Marketing services in oxford
Email Marketing services in Thame
Email Marketing services in Thame near Oxford