A Smarter Digital Marketing Agency

Smokin Donut are a UK digital marketing agency. We aim to work intimately with you over the long term to understand and share your goals and precisely deliver the digital marketing that you need rather than the latest fads you might think you want.

We've got MBA graduates for strategy, creative talent for graphics and web design, experienced programmers for web development, story tellers for social media, plus search specialists and published authors for keeping Humans and Google happy. We're analytical and creative; spontaneous and thoughtful; rigorous and fun; talented and very humble. We are Smokin Donut. Give us a Call.

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Your Digital Marketing Agency

Our strategy is total customer intimacy.

  • We care about your business as much as you do.
  • If you do well then we do well - that's how we work.
  • We offer the control and oversight you get from your own people.
  • Plus the flexibility, agility and digital expertise you expect from outsourcing.
  • We get to know you deeply through our Marketing Strategy Audit.
  • We work with you as if we were your very own digital marketing department - open and honest and always in your best interests.
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Rigorously Structured

We believe in structure, analysis, evidence-based decisions and learning.

We understand marketing, deeply. Our people have studied it at business school and worked at household names. We know that:

  • The customer, not the latest technology or social media platform is at the centre of your world.
  • Competition (from whatever direction it comes) is your biggest concern.
  • Insight and understanding drives more success than a pretty logo.

So we use data, analysis and proven tools to build understanding, generate insight and create digital marketing that works.

Absurdly Creative

Rigorous analysis is necessary, but not sufficient. Truly great digital marketing also needs:

  • Big Ideas
  • Inspiration, creativity and technical excellence
  • 3am stroky beard meetings

We don't actually have beards (even the women), but we are truly creative.

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Open, Honest and Fun

Everything we do is structured as a standard product so you know:

  • What you're getting
  • When it will be delivered
  • What it will cost
  • Why we're doing it

Every task we take on is posted online with Trello so you can see:

  • Exactly what we've achieved
  • What we're currently doing
  • And what's in the plan.

We also believe that organizations are built around people and people like to have fun.