Marketing Strategy and Implementation Audit Products

Our audit products efficiently and effectively assess your organization's current strategic capability. We use them with two goals in mind:

  • As part of our relentless addiction to customer intimacy, we need to understand your organization as instinctively and intuitively as you do.
  • As part of our commitment to continuous data driven and evidenced based improvements we need to understand what's good on the spaceship before we work out where to point it.

Marketing Strategy Audit

Our Marketing Strategy Audit (MSA) is at the core of everything we do.

We use business school developed and industry proven frameworks and models to understand everything about you - from your mission and goals, through your corporate strategy to your growth plans.

Every Smokin Donut goes through an MSA and every one of them gains new insights into their own capabilities, customers, competition, positioning, brand, pricing and promotions.

The value delivered can be life-changing but it's compulsory and we don't charge for listening - so it's free...

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Digital Marketing Audit

Unless you're a startup, you probably have a website, some search visibility, a social media presence and some online advertising - but is it as good as it could be?

We'll let you know by taking you through our Digital Strategy Audit.

We check your website performance, where visitors come from, what they do, your search positions on Google, your social influence, the quality and engagement of your content and much more.

Then we'll create you a comprehensive report telling you what's great and what could do with a lift. We'll also identify the products from our range that will do the lifting for you.

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