Web Design and Digital Marketing Services in Thame near Oxford

Marketing's gone digital. You need vibrant social media to connect and engage. A beautiful web design to capture and nurture. Professional web development and web management to make it fast and robust. Search engine marketing to get found. Stunning digital content to entertain, educate and retain. Compelling email marketing to inform and update.

You need a smart digital marketing agency. You need digital natives with a perfect blend of marketing and technical skills who really 'get' your business. You need pricing that's fair and transparent. You need people that get recognition from The Guardian and Chancellors of the Exchequer. So call Smokin Donut for great digital marketing (and FREE CAKE).

Social Media

We understand social media so we know it's not just about being on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

  • We know it's about an ongoing dialogue that engages, supports, entertains and educates.
  • We know that without a strategy it's just some stuff you do every day.
  • We know how to create strategies. We know the platforms and we know how to make them work.

Web Design

Smokin Donut create fast, beautiful, usable web designs that meet customer needs.

  • We build compelling online experiences that start with a search term and end at buy now.
  • We stay right by your side for the long term, maintaining and enhancing your site.
  • We relentlessly measure site performance to ensure long term ROI.

Web & App Development

Modern marketing runs on software - whether it's your website, your CRM, your mobile apps, the way that you measure effectiveness, the processes that run your business

  • Smokin Donut know how to write software - because we've been writing professional software in the UK since 1985 for companies you've probably heard of.
  • Simple product catalogue or revolutionary new service idea - Just get in touch with the experts at Smokin Donut.

Blogging & Content

Online is where people go to learn about you. You need the right content to engage them.

  • That means blogs, info-graphics, videos, podcasts, online brochures, white papers, case studies and eBooks.
  • Content perishes quickly so you need to constantly create it and work to a strategy.
  • Smokin Donut know digital content, so have us create and manage yours.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing's about what's important to the reader so engage, entertain and educate.

  • Lead the reader to a desirable outcome for you both.
  • Measure, experiment and test - know what works and what doesn't.
  • Follow the rules to get delivered, opened and actioned.
  • Smokin Donut's email marketing secrets - not quite so secret now...